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A mobile lifting aid that provides flexibility

The mobile lifting aid is a mobile lifting aid that you can move by means of a pallet truck or a forklift using a provided mobile base plate strong enough to serve as a counterweight for the weight of the lifting aid and the load. The load on a 4 or 5 m swing arm poses no problem in this regard.

The advantage of this is that it allows you to use the lifting aid in several places. Think of a production unit where not all lines run at the same time.

Vacuum lifter or Quick Hoist as lifting aid

All available lifting aids can be suspended in this system. So this can be a vacuum lifter, but equally a Quick Hoist. This ensures that you have a mobile alternative to lifting aid machines that are otherwise static. As we mentioned earlier, the advantage here is that you can use these machines in multiple places in a warehouse. For the information about these solutions, you can click through on the respective links.

Swivel arm in aluminium

This unit also always goes together with an aluminum slewing arm. This slewing crane has a very lightweight design. This arm makes the lifting aid even more flexible and allows it to be useful at different angles. This also makes that there are few restrictions in the mobility of the lifting aid and that heavy boxes, bags, barrels of plates, etc. that are normally difficult to reach are now much easier to reach. This ensures an optimal user experience.

Mobile versus mobile

It is not appropriate to use the mobile lifting aid continuously as a mobile system. If the application requires moving continuously, it is appropriate to look toward the mobile order picker. This device is specifically designed to be used in warehouses where, for example, goods need to be picked continuously. The mobile order picker runs on batteries, where the mobile lifting aid is actually powered at all times. The fact that the mobile order picker does not need external help from other machines to move around and the mobile lifting aid does proves once again that the mobile order picker is made to be a full-time mobile solution.

This lifting aid is also not to be confused with the mobile lifters. These lifters are also available with a variety of toolings but, like the mobile order picker, are battery operated. This means that the mobile lifters are a better option if you are looking for a mobile lifting aid that does not require external assistance.

Multifunctional lifting aid for bagged goods manipulation