Vacuum lifter

A fast vacuum lifter for ergonomic handling of goods

Technical specifications

Lifting capacity35kg45kg55kg65kg
Lift tube diameter80mm100mm120mm140mm
Lifting speed0-1 m/s0-1 m/s0-1 m/s0-1 m/s
Max. lifting tube length2500 - 4000mm2500 - 4000mm2500 - 4000mm2500 - 4000mm

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Efficient repetitive motion execution with the high-speed vacuum lifter

Tawi' s fast vacuum lifter is a handy lifting aid used for various industrial and logistics handling applications such as manipulation of boxes, drums, rolls and so much more. Thanks to this system, anyone can manipulate loads up to 65kg. The days when only powerhouses could perform these jobs are definitely over.

The great advantage of this high-speed vacuum lifter is that the same vacuum is used for both lifting and holding the load. This makes operation very easy. This makes the unit very user-friendly and ensures that any operator can master the system very quickly.

The high-speed vacuum lifter is the most suitable lifting aid for repetitive movements. Are you looking for a vacuum lifting device for a heavy or complex application? In that case, the multifunctional vacuum lifter is a more suitable solution.

Come and test the high-speed vacuum lifter in our demo room.

Would you like to test how it works in person? You can experience the ease of use of the high-speed vacuum lifter yourself in our demo room.

In addition, it can always be a good exercise to carry out the test with your own goods. Send us some test material before the start of the demo or bring it along yourself on the day. That way, you will experience at first hand how easily we can handle it.

Various suspension systems possible according to your needs

The fast vacuum lifter naturally needs a suspension system. That system will also determine how smoothly your lifting aid works. In other words, only if you have both the suspension system and the lifting aid installed by us, can we guarantee you the fastest vacuum lifter.

We have various options in our range for this. For example, there is the possibility of a rail system. This follows your movement without any effort. This is an ideal option for achieving a large working range.

Do you need precise movement through the process? In that case, the monorail can offer a solution.

If you have a mobile version in mind, then the mobile order picker can be a solution. However, do you want to work from a fixed location and is the required working range limited? Then the slewing crane offers the ideal solution.


vacuum lifter with special suction base for boxes

Thinking along in the process

"Jacques-Ice already owns several Logitrans lifting devices. We consciously choose them because of their excellent service. Our last piece of equipment seemed to be an impossible problem, but thanks to the expertise and good cooperation with Logitrans Handling, a good solution was found.