Mobile Order Picker

Efficient order picking with the mobile order picker

Technical specifications

Mobile order picker
Lifting capacity40 - 80kg
Lift tube diameter120 - 180mm
Lift tube length1600 - 1750mm
Dead weight600kg
Minimum building height2182.50mm (+ 500mm)
Extendable height mast500mm

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The mobile order picker for smart logistics operations

Order picking has never been easier. The mobile order picker enables you to effortlessly pick goods in your warehouse using a vacuum lifting system.

Help the workers to avoid physical complaints and choose the ergonomic way. The mobile order picker is a must-have for every logistics organisation that comes into contact with order picking.

Smooth movement from rack to rack. Effortlessly lift different goods up to 80kg and place them on the pallet. These are both aspects that this device makes a piece of cake.

The mobile order picker - flexible and safe to use

The mobile unit also proves to be flexible in use. It is not necessary to have a heavy forklift truck to operate this device, a simple transpallet will do. This makes this lifting device usable everywhere in both spacious and narrow environments.

When moving the mobile order picker, a safety lock keeps the articulated arm securely in place. Once at the right rack, the user presses a button to start the vacuum pump.

In addition to starting the pump, the button activates the support legs to create more stability. The same button also releases the lock on the articulated arm.

So when you arrive at the correct location, a simple push of the button is enough to start picking the goods immediately. This proves that the lifting device is an efficient lifting aid.

The importance of optimal reach

Of course, it is important that you can easily reach your goods in the racks. This is why the mobile order picker is equipped with an articulated arm that offers a range of up to four metres.

This articulated arm can also be raised or lowered at the push of a button, making different racking heights no problem for the mobile order picker.

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Flexible cooperation with Logitrans

"Logitrans showed a lot of flexibility to build a custom-made elevator. Thanks to Logitrans, the ergonomics for our technicians during maintenance has improved and we have a device that is compact, which makes moving between machines very easy." 

- On Semiconductor Belgium