Container unloader

The container unloader, a fast and ergonomic way to unload your container

Steel arm40 kg
Steel arm50 kg
Carbon arm40 kg
Carbon arm50 kg

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Container Unloader

Tawi' s container unloader is a mobile solution to efficiently, quickly and ergonomically unload palletless containers within your facility. Therefore, we describe the container unloader as a versatile, flexible and convenient lifting device. It is specifically designed to load and unload containers. This also makes it not an unwieldy machine. Thanks to its compact design, the machine can handle a wide range. This both inside and outside the container.

It is a good solution for avoiding back pain, shoulder pain and similar complaints.

Who is the Container unloader suitable for?

The container unloader is suitable for companies receiving containers where the goods are not stacked on pallets. Its flexible and compact design makes it perfect for any container.

By combining the vacuum lifter with the height-adjustable platform and powered conveyor, a container can now be unloaded quickly by anyone in the warehouse.

This means that in a very mobile way, you can move the machine to different places in your warehouse. And this without any back pain or lifting-related injuries.

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container unloader

Yusen Logistics

"We were looking for a flexible and efficient solution, with attention to the well-being of our employees. This container unloader will help us achieve these goals in the future."

Yusen Logistics, Wellingborough, UK