Quick hoist

Efficient high-speed hoisting

Fast hoist ViperHoist VH60Quick hoist ViperHoist VH120
Lifting capacity60kg120kg
Lifting speed0.75m/s0.35m/s
Lifting height2000mm2000mm
Speed controlVariableVariable
Frequency47-63 Hz47-63 Hz

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A fast hoist, perhaps the fastest

The time when you had to use an unwieldy hoist for lighter applications of, for example, 100 kg, is a thing of the past. The fast ViperHoist hoist ensures that your operators can work both ergonomically and more efficiently.

What makes the ViperHoist even more unique than other cumbersome hoists is its pistol-grip control with variable speed. This proportional control allows the operator to use the hoist according to his own comfort and speed.

This high-speed hoist ensures such smooth operation that any light lifting application is now a piece of cake for any worker. Indeed, you no longer need to recruit people solely on the basis of muscle mass. The focus can now be on other important skills.

Two different versions for the rapid hoist

The ViperHoist is available in two versions. The VH60 is synonymous with fast manipulations up to 60 kg. This unit has a maximum speed of 0.75 m/s.

In addition, there is the VH120, for heavier applications up to 120 kg. Although it has a lower speed of 0.35 m/s, the VH120 is identical to the VH60 in terms of user-friendliness.

Adapted to your application

Various standard or customised tools can be mounted on this high-speed hoist, for various applications such as handling rolls, machine parts, jerry cans, boxes, etc.

Just imagine the ViperHoist with a coregripper that lifts an upright roll from the pallet and tilts it 90° in no time and without strain on the back.

Or a special hook tool with which you can pick up five jerrycans at a time and effortlessly place them on a pallet. You name it and the ViperHoist can do it.

The high-speed hoist is equipped with a safety hook as standard. A quick-coupler allows multiple tools to be used on the same unit.

The ergonomic handle is also adaptable to the requirements and specific application. A longer handle, for example, also makes this the suitable solution for lifting at a higher height.

Thanks to many years of experience, Logitrans helps you with customised advice towards the right fast hoist.

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Better ergonomics for our technicians

"Logitrans showed a lot of flexibility to build a custom-made elevator. Thanks to Logitrans, the ergonomics for our technicians during maintenance has improved and we have a device that is compact, which makes moving between machines very easy." 

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