Chain hoist

Quick hoist for lighter weights

Technical specifications

IP ratingIP65IP65IP65
Fastest lifting position8m/min8m/min8m/min
Slowest lifting position2m/min2m/min2m/min
Voltage3 x 400V x 50Hz3 x 400V x 50Hz3 x 400V x 50Hz

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Powerful, durable and easy to use. The chain hoist for every challenge

A chain hoist that can lift heavy loads and also withstand harsh conditions? Look no further, at Logitrans you are at the right address.

Our chain hoist is a reliable solution that is durable and safe in use. In addition, it feels at home in numerous conditions. So you can use it without any problems in ATEX zones, where there is a danger of explosion. However, this chain hoist is also suitable for an open-air environment.

Of course, a heavy chain hoist is useless if you have difficulty manoeuvring it. That is why we make sure that, in addition to safety, we do not lose sight of user-friendliness.

The chain hoist - simple and durable

When building the appliance, care was taken to use a simple structure with a minimum of sensitive electronics. This makes the unit very durable and easy to maintain.

The long service life is achieved in part by the IP65 protection class. This means that the chain hoist has little trouble with dust and is highly resistant to water.

These aspects lead to very comfortable work with a minimum of production interruptions.

Do not forget the ergonomics

Naturally, this chain hoist will contribute to the ergonomics for your employees. In addition, we also provide an ergonomically optimised operation. The push buttons are arranged in parallel in order to make operation as easy as possible.

As already mentioned, safety also plays an important role. For example, there is a function on the chain hoist that protects and relieves it. In addition, it is also possible to obtain a remote control. This allows you to lift and lower the load from a safe distance.

This heavy-duty hoist effortlessly lifts weights up to 1000 kg. But are you looking for a hoist for weights under 120 kg? Then you should definitely discover our high-speed hoist. Because of its lighter weight, it can operate at a higher gear.

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Better ergonomics for our technicians

"Logitrans showed a lot of flexibility to build a custom-made elevator. Thanks to Logitrans, the ergonomics for our technicians during maintenance has improved and we have a device that is compact, which makes moving between machines very easy." 

- On Semiconductor Belgium