Plate tilter

Plate tilter

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Tilting plates quickly and precisely!

Tawi's pneumatic sheet tilter, is the ideal solution to tilt sheet material 90° in a quick yet precise way.

Whether it's robust products such as wood panels and doors, or glassware such as windows, Tawi's plate tilter Master combines the speed of the vacuum tube lifter with the finesse of the pneumatic tilting system.

Plate tilter up to 180 kg.

What makes the Master Plate Tilter unique in its kind is that it can tilt plates up to 180 kg. Both small and very large plates can thus be effortlessly handled in your workshop. Because the plate is pneumatically operated, it can be set off very precisely in tilted position. The plate can tilt up to 80°. This is sufficient to pick up a plate standing against the wall and deposit it on a panel sizing saw or other machine.

Tiltable handle

The rotating handle allows the operator to maintain an ergonomic position at all times during manipulation.

Plate tilter in rail system

A rail system is the ideal combination to fix the plates tilter in. Due to the flexibility of the rails, the operator does not experience any hindrance when moving. Thus, this makes the system even easier to use.