Ergonomic container emptying with a Logitilt

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Better ergonomics for our technicians

"Logitrans showed a lot of flexibility to build a custom-made elevator. Thanks to Logitrans, the ergonomics for our technicians during maintenance has improved and we have a device that is compact, which makes moving between machines very easy." 

- On Semiconductor Belgium

Technical specifications

Lifting height tilted750 - 950mm
Lifting height275mm
Construction height without handle680mm
Construction height with handle1055mm
Construction width780mm
Fork width163mm
Width over forks560mm
Fork length800mm

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Ergonomic lifting and tilting of pallets and crates

The days of manually tilting pallet boxes and reaching deep into crates are over. They result in many physical injuries, such as back and shoulder complaints, which can ultimately lead to the disablement of your operators.

Of course this is out of the question and you want to avoid this by using the Logitilt. This compact but extremely powerful device allows employees to tilt pallets, crates and boxes in an efficient, but mainly ergonomic way.

A compact platform with forks lifts and tilts crates and boxes electrically to an angle of up to 90°. The user no longer needs to bend down or stretch out to reach objects at the bottom of the crate. This safe and ergonomic way of working ensures limited physical impact and maximum efficiency.

A safe and healthy working environment

You move the handy and light device manually. Then a remote control ensures easy manipulation of the crates and pallets. The degree of tilt is set according to the working position, so that the Logitilt always stops at the same angle. This gives the employees free access to the contents of the crate without having to overburden themselves.

Various sectors are already using this high-quality tipping aid. However, it is in the food and pharmaceutical industries that this ergonomic aid most often finds its home. These two sectors often work with large containers full of raw materials. The appliances are exposed to many aggressive environments and intensive cleaning. For this reason, the Logitilt is also available in a stainless version. Do you sometimes work with closed pallets where the forks do not fit? There is a solution for this too. By placing the legs wider apart, it is possible to drive around the pallet with the legs. This allows you to lift and tilt the pallet in an ergonomic way.

A Logitilt for every situation

As you can see, the Logitilt is capable of tilting all kinds of different pallets, crates and boxes. Adjust the tipper to your situation and shift the labour-intensive load to an ergonomic solution. With its compact dimensions and a capacity of 1000 kg the Logitilt is the perfect tool to optimise your work situation.