Pallet Rotator

Emptying boxes and crates easily with a rotator

Technical specifications

Semi-electric rotatorSemi-electric wide-track rotatorElectric rotatorElectric wide-track rotator
Lifting height920 - 1910mm920 - 1910mm920 - 1910mm920 - 1910mm
Building height1330 - 2240mm1330 - 2240mm1330 - 2240mm1330 - 2240mm
Lifting and loweringElectricElectricElectricElectric
Pallet rotator

Thinking along in the process again and again

"A constructive cooperation with Logitrans Handling has led to an ergonomic lifting solution. In our search for an optimal solution, Logitrans did not fail to think along with us again and again in this process. This has finally led to a lifting device that works to everyone's satisfaction with a maximum of manipulation space."

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The box rotator for flexible emptying of boxes and crates

The box rotator is a modified version of the standard stacker. It is only available in semi-electric and fully electric versions.

The main advantage of the box rotator is ergonomic. In many industries, deep boxes or crates are standard for storing or delivering goods.

Without a tool, this means that the workers have to bend down deeply to get the bottom out of the crate.

In the long run, this is guaranteed to lead to long-term back and shoulder injuries among your employees.

The box rotator lifts the box to an ergonomic height. The box then tilts to the desired position, so that the operator can work throughout the day with his back bent as little as possible to avoid physical strain.

A flexible box rotator

The device is also very flexible in nature. Numerous different lifting heights and variations are possible.

In addition, there is the option between fixed and flexible box holders. The fixed variant is used for environments where only one type of box is manipulated. Logically, the flexible variant is used where several types of boxes are required.

The rotation and lifting speed are also fully adjustable to suit your needs.

The turning angles can be programmed to stop turning at certain angles.

If this unit is to be used in a working environment where hygiene requirements play an important role, the box rotator is also available in a stainless version.

Safety first

The box rotator is also safe. For example, it is impossible to rotate the boxes as long as the rotation centre is above 1180 mm or below 680 mm above the ground.

Thanks to the remote control, all actions are carried out without touching the machine, except of course when driving. In this way, when lifting and rotating, one cannot get trapped between the machine.