Multi Drum Turner

Multidrum turner for multi barrel handling

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Better ergonomics for our technicians

"A constructive cooperation with Logitrans Handling has led to an ergonomic lifting solution. In our search for an optimal solution, Logitrans did not fail to think along with us again and again in this process. This has finally led to a lifting device that works to everyone's satisfaction with a maximum of manipulation space."

Technical specifications

Lifting height1800 - 2100mm1800 - 2100mm
Building height1930 - 2240mm1930 - 2240mm
Bucket turning radius360°360°
Weight (without battery)465 - 473kg505 - 513kg

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Easy emptying of drums

The multidrum turner is a must-have for any company that has to manipulate different drums every day.

A barrel is a very convenient container for storing certain goods. Usually, these are goods in liquid form. Barrels also come in different shapes and sizes. However, it is the application that differs from company to company.

Some companies empty their barrels with complex installations. Others use these drums only for storage and simply dispatch them. Still others have to transfer these drums to other drums or containers.

The multidrum turner is the perfect solution for lifting, moving and rotating these drums. It is an excellent alternative for those who use heavy drums or regularly alternate between metal and plastic drums.

A robust alternative to the drum turner

For the Logitrans drum turner separate grippers are required depending on the type of drum to be manipulated. The grippers of the multidrum turner, however, can exert sufficient grip on both metal and plastic. The capacity of the multidrum turner is also higher, namely 350 kg compared to the 250 kg of the drum turner.

This device can often be found in chemical or pharmaceutical environments where the manipulation of heavy barrels is commonplace. Some common processes are grabbing drums that are stored on a pallet. After this, the multidrum turner can move the drum to the desired location. It then raises the drum to the required height and with the push of a button turns the drum 180° to empty it into a large container.

A modular multidrum turner

In many locations where this solution is used, strict hygiene regulations apply. This means that intensive cleaning takes place in these environments and, of course, this can have a corrosive effect on the device.

For this purpose, it is possible to obtain the multidrum turner in a stainless version. Or maybe you need such a solution in a zone where there is a danger of explosion? On request Logitrans can also convert these devices for ATEX zone 1 and ATEX zone. This way your employees can work ergonomically and safely.