25 years of logitrans

25 years of Logitrans Belgium

This year will be a year of celebration for Logitrans Belgium because in 2023 we will be 25 years old! For 25 years we have been providing customized ergonomic lifting aids for many customers.
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Happy holidays!

We look forward to 2023 and are eager to see the many new opportunities the new year has to offer!

Work post analysis for increased profits

A free workstation ergonomics analysis can indeed make you more profitable. You can read more about it in this blog post.

Export to UK with heat treated pallets

Since the Brexit and the independence of England, a lot has changed in exports. The Logitrans team is aware of this. Never heard of it ...

Sector in the spotlight: Lifting aids in the beverage industry

Specific lifting challenges in the beverage industry!

Year-end closing

During the Christmas period we will be closed from 24-12-2021 to 03-01-2022.
Man empties white plastic barrel into large one to brew beer
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Lifting aids for tipping out drums

Many companies move enormous quantities of drums every day as raw materials for their end products. Although there are many standardised drums, there is still a great diversity of drums ...
Pallet tipper with bag pallet
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Switching pallets: do's and don'ts

Banning wood from production, a hot item when we talk about hygiene. But how do we deal with the correct transfer of an overload of incoming goods?
roll handling
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Assembly of rolls on packaging machines

When buying or installing a packaging machine, many people do not think about the consequences for the operators of dragging rolls.
New Logitrans branch in Drongen
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We have moved!

From 4 January 2021 you can see our flag flying in the industrial zone in Drongen. Our new address is moerstraat 58A - 9031 Drongen.
Automatic stacking aid at Westlandia
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Automatic stacker for Westlandia

Westlandia is a custom-made company and therefore plays a very important role in the social economy. In order to promote the integration of these people, Logitrans ...