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What does Logitrans stand for?

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Improving customer efficiency. This is one of the motivations for Logitrans Handling. An ergonomic lifting device eases the strain on the employees in the first place. In addition, these ergonomic lifting solutions should especially contribute to the efficiency of the business processes. Thus we proudly say that we offer lifting solutions that pay off!

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Only the best solution for the customer. With expert advice, we always try to offer the best solution to meet your challenge. Logitrans is very skilled in offering customised solutions, which makes finding the best solution just that little bit easier. Flexibility also applies to the customer. Thanks to our ergonomic lifting devices, employees can be deployed more flexibly!

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User friendliness

An ergonomic lifting solution should of course solve one problem and not cause others. Therefore Logitrans always chooses lifting devices that are extremely user-friendly. If desired, Logitrans can even provide training for the users when the ergonomic lifting solution is installed or delivered. 

Employee handling cheese blocks at ergonomic height with manual high-lift pallet in stainless steel.

Case cheese brig

Kaasbrik is a 100% family business with about thirty employees and this in full expansion. 

In the production area there are three fully automatic lines and a pre-processing line that process the purchased blocks of cheese into their final product.

These cheese blocks are delivered in different sizes, up to blocks of 120 kg.

Despite the high level of automation in this company, there are still some manual operations that are burdensome for their employees and for which they were looking for appropriate solutions.

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