Barrel handling

Manipulating heavy barrels is still a delicate matter in many industrial companies today. An ergonomic and safe solution for your company can be purchased from Logitrans as a standard or customer-specific solution. Below you will find a brief overview of the possibilities.

Stacker with manual tilting system for 200L metal drums. The flexibility of the stacker allows the operator to use the stacker also for other purposes, e.g. a spear for rollers or regular standard forks. A system for plastic drums is also available. 

Stacker for moving horizontally lying 200L vessels.

Stacker with tipping system for emptying smaller drums.

Protema counterbalanced lift truck for storing upright drums.

A complete pallet layer can also be vacuum-lifted simultaneously with this "twin system".

Moving 200L vessels with vacuum. ATEX unit is available as standard in the range.

Barrel handling in clean room environment.

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